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Orthodontic Health Month

It’s orthodontic health month! This is a tough time of the year to get kids into doctor office visits because school has just started back. But get motivated and take advantage of practices offering complimentary consultations and promotions to buy back candy from your kids after Halloween.

I like the idea of the candy buy back programs because kids can still have the opportunity to get dressed up and socialize with their friends while collecting candy. But if they know they can get money in return for the candy, it turns into a different ball game. This takes the focus off of actually eating the candy.

If you must allow you or your kids to splurge on any candy this month, let it be chocolate. Stay away from sticky candies because they really do stick to the pits and fissures of the teeth. Avoid hard candies and lollipops because in order to eat these, it requires long exposure of the sugars to your teeth to get them to melt down.

Have fun dressing up for Halloween! I always take advantage of Halloween to get dressed up as bonding time with my kids and patients.

Happy Orthodontic Health Month!

-Dr. Willis

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