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The best advice I can give each mom is start with prevention. To prevent dental cavities and gingivitis you need great hygiene, minimize the sugar intake, and drink water with fluoride.

That means, you have to make the brushing and flossing a part of the bed time routine and morning routine. If you have the help of a day care provider or nanny, be sure they are on the same page. Tell everyone how important it is that they assist you with being sure the teeth get brushed. A child can not do this alone. The afternoon brushing is a great addition. I would suggest leaving a toothbrush at school or in the lunch bag. Brush at lease twice daily and floss at least once daily. Use those little flossers with floss on the handle. I like the CVS brand for kids, even for myself. But these things don’t work for braces. You need traditional floss for those with bling ( meaning braces)on their teeth.

Dietary choices can be the most influential factor for preventing cavities and gum disease. Think of not only the sugar content of the foods and snacks, but also of how often you are exposing your teeth to the tasty treats. It’s much better to eat something that isn’t sticky as well, like chocolate instead of Tootsie rolls. yuck! I don’t like those things anyway. But if you place a dark chocolate truffle in front of me or my son, it’s a wrap! Skip sugary drinks. If you must have a juice, use a straw and drink it all at once.

Recommendation: Brush three times each day. Floss once each day. Get rid of the sugary foods. Drink fluoridated, filtered tap water instead of juice and soda.

Have a great day and enjoy your smashing smile!

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