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Orthodontic Treatment Options

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For the last decade, Smashing Smiles has been transforming smiles and transforming lives. If you're looking for a quality orthodontist in Washington, DC, this is a great place to start! We are a small practice dedicating to serving your particular needs.

Our treatments include:

  • Early treatment: The sooner your child receives an orthodontic evaluation, the better their long-term dental health will be. By correcting problems before they turn serious, significant time and expense can be saved. Interceptive treatment can create room for crowded teeth, reduce the need for tooth removal, and reduce the length of time braces are needed.
  • Adult treatment: It's never too late to improve your smile and enhance your quality of life! In fact, braces can be just as effective for adults as they are for kids—and there has never been so many treatment options to choose from! In addition to the aesthetic benefits braces offer, they can also help prevent bone loss, tooth decay, and abnormal wear.
  • Types of Braces: At Smashing Smiles, we offer the most technologically advanced braces around. Metal braces remain the most common treatment option, but they bear little in common with their predecessors. Smaller, more comfortable, and more attractive, metal braces are strong enough to handle just about any type of treatment. Clear ceramic braces are popular with adults for their ability to go unnoticed. The same is true for Invisalign.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign is a remarkable alternative to braces that utilizes 3-D computer imaging to manufacture a clear, custom aligner that is almost impossible to see and can be easily removed when needed. It can effectively treat adults and adolescents with narrow arches, crowding, anterior intrusions, and more.
  • FAQ: If you have concerns about our orthodontic treatments, please explore our frequently asked questions page today!

At Smashing Smiles, we will help you evaluate the comfort, convenience, and cost of each treatment option. We work hard to make sure you wind up with the right fit. Call us at (202) 828-9110 to schedule a free consultation.

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