The Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

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Straight and even teeth are a wonderful asset. Not only is your smile much more becoming, but you have a self-confident way about you when your teeth are near perfect. Aside from aesthetics, having straight teeth also provides health benefits you probably never knew about.

Most of us aren’t born with perfectly straight teeth, and there are many reasons why people have crooked teeth. Having a small mouth or a misaligned jaw due to genetics can cause teeth to grow sideways or crooked. Other times, crooked teeth are the result of an accident or illness. There’s also a good bit of truth to the theory that thumb-sucking, pacifier use, or drinking from a baby bottle can cause teeth to grow in crooked, especially if these habits continue after age 3.  

A confident, beautiful smile awaits you

While correcting crooked teeth provides lovely results in the form of straighter teeth, orthodontics can also help you, or your child, maintain good health for life. Studies now show a direct correlation between oral health and the development of many chronic conditions. In fact, there’s mounting evidence that poor oral health can lead to cardiovascular disease and many other health problems.

Here at Smashing Smiles Orthodontics, we work with adults and children to achieve their orthodontic goals. We offer several methods for teeth straightening, including traditional braces, ceramic braces, and InvisalignⓇ.

As someone who has experienced orthodontic reconstruction herself, Dr. Allena Willis Kennerly understands firsthand the desire for a beautiful, healthy smile, and the positive difference straight teeth can make in your quality of life.

Benefits of straight teeth

There are several benefits to be gained through orthodontics. Straight teeth do much to promote good oral health and give you the confidence you need to live your best life.

Straighter teeth:






There are emotional benefits that go along with straight teeth, too. As your self-esteem improves, you may feel more outgoing and social, a proven way to ward off depression. And when your self-esteem is higher, you tend to take better care of yourself and make healthier choices overall.

Straighter, healthier teeth begin here

A healthy life begins with a beautiful, confident smile, and straight teeth are the cornerstone of good oral health. To find out more about orthodontics for adults and children, and how your health can benefit from straight teeth, contact Smashing Smiles Orthodontics for a consultation. We serve the greater Washington, DC, area and look forward to assisting you in your orthodontic goals.

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