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A beautiful smile can make a lasting impression. When you smile with complete confidence, you can positively impact yourself and those around you. Dr. Allena Willis Kennerly, a top-rated cosmetic orthodontist at Smashing Smiles in Washington, D.C., can help you attain a beautiful smile with effective and technologically advanced braces. To start creating a better smile today, call today or schedule an appointment for a braces consultation online.

Braces Q & A

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What are dental braces?

Braces are one of the most common and effective orthodontic treatments to obtain straighter teeth. Typically, braces are small metal devices that adhere directly to your teeth.

Each of these devices is connected to a metal wire that Dr. Willis manipulates and tightens to move and straighten your teeth. Through a series of appointments, you can begin to feel and see your teeth shifting to become straighter and more aligned with one another.

What is the best age to get braces?

Braces are a great option for any age group. In most cases, though, Dr. Willis recommends braces to patients in need around the ages of 7-10. Getting braces this early can help prevent major dental issues from arising in the future and can shape a child’s skeletal bone growth to craft a beautiful, healthy smile for years.

This isn’t to say that those over the age of 10 won’t receive the same great results from braces. In fact, many adults turn to braces for the most effective results for their smiles.

How long do I have to wear braces?

Dr. Willis and the entire team at Smashing Smiles work hard to move your treatment along quickly and safely, but the time frame varies from patient to patient. Dr. Willis develops the best treatment plan for your specific needs and helps you prepare for your treatment.

With braces, your long-term success largely depends on the effort you make as well. The more you take care of your braces, the more they will take care of you.

Are braces my only option to get straighter teeth?

There are many orthodontic treatments that can transform your smile. Metal braces are one of the most common, but other treatments can achieve similar results. Smashing Smiles offers a variety of cosmetic smile treatments, including:

  • Clear ceramic braces
  • Small metal braces
  • Invisalign

Dr. Willis and the team at Smashing Smiles utilize the most comfortable, efficient, and technologically advanced forms of braces available. After a brief consultation with Dr. Willis, she walks you through each of these options in more detail to help find the best treatment for your needs.

If you are ready to transform your smile with the help of braces, call today or schedule an appointment online.