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While all of her patients at Smashing Smiles Orthodontics are important to Dr. Allena Willis Kennerly, her youngest patients hold a special place in her heart. Providing top-quality pediatric orthodontic services to kids in Washington, D.C. is a privilege and an honor. When you’re ready to find the best possible orthodontics for your child, call the office to book an appointment with Dr. Willis. Online scheduling is also available.

Pediatric Orthodontics Q & A

What is pediatric orthodontia?

Pediatric orthodontics is a type of practice that provides orthodontic services to children. Orthodontic care can improve your smile at any age, but starting the process early paves the way for an excellent outcome.

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, kids should have their first orthodontic evaluation as soon as there are signs of orthodontic issues. Bringing your child to see Dr. Willis before the age of 7 is ideal.

Even if no orthodontic intervention is necessary at that stage, an early visit gives both you and Dr. Willis the information needed to continue to monitor your child’s dental development and determine if and when orthodontic services are called for.

What happens at the first pediatric orthodontist visit?

Dr. Willis understands that your child will form an impression of orthodontic care largely based on his or her first interactions with an orthodontist. She takes the time to ensure that your child is comfortable from start to finish, and begins building a trusting relationship from the very beginning.

A child’s first visit includes a thorough clinical examination. Dr. Willis checks for proper development, looking for signs of current or future misalignment. Imaging, including digital photos or X-rays, might also be part of the process.

At the end of this first appointment, Dr. Willis discusses her findings with you and your child. She makes recommendations on when to return for future checkups. If orthodontic treatment is necessary, she’ll discuss when treatment should begin and what your child’s plan might entail.

What are some outcomes of pediatric orthodontics?

Early orthodontic treatment focuses on preventing dental issues from worsening as your child’s teeth and bone tissue continue to develop. Pediatric orthodontics can help by:

  • Ensuring there’s room for teeth to come in properly
  • Correct protruding front teeth
  • Working toward facial symmetry
  • Preventing the need for teeth to be pulled
  • Reducing the time your child needs to wear braces

Individualized care is a foundation of Dr. Willis’ practice. Your child’s treatment plan will be unique to his or her needs. As development continues over the years, that plan may shift and change, but Dr. Willis remains by your side to help your child achieve a healthy and happy smile. Book your appointment today to get started.